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Bridgeport business gets breath of fresh air after ‘Boost’ from ‘American Idol’

BRIDGEPORT–It’s not just air, it’s a big “Boost”! A small business in Bridgeport is making big strides after “American Idol&...

BRIDGEPORT--It's not just air, it's a big "Boost"!

A small business in Bridgeport is making big strides after "American Idol" featured its product on the latest episode.

Boost Oxygen creates canisters filled with flavored oxygen, which you can ingest for a boost of energy.

"The concept of Boost Oxygen is fairly straightforward, we provide supplemental oxygen--95 percent purity--in transportable convenient containers," said Rob Neuner, president of Boost Oxygen. The other 5 percent in the canister is "ambient air."

While Boost has been operating for eight years, they got a big boost of publicity last week from "American Idol."

Neuner says he had no idea that "Idol" would be featuring his product, but since the episode aired he's gotten calls from as far away as Mongolia and Suriname.

"They were filming in Denver, and I guess it's the Mile High City, so there's a little less oxygen in the air, and the judges were feeling a little altitude sick, and Ryan Seacrest decided to come out. You know, I think Keith Urban looked at it and he was more interested, but J. Lo and Harry Connick Jr. seemed to really enjoy it as well."

And while Neuner says the biggest markets for Boost are Colorado, California and Florida--they're also selling in China now!--he's happy to keep his company right here.

"And its nice to keep manufacturing here in Connecticut."

One canister of Boost Oxygen costs $14.99, and it comes in four flavors: natural, peppermint, pink grapefruit and menthol-eucalyptus. To buy the product, click here.

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