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'There's no way we could have planned this | Twin sisters give birth to baby girls on their birthday

Some people share a birthday with a family member, but what about three family members? That's the case for one set of East Tennessee twins.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Two East Tennessee newborns will be sharing birthday parties with each other and their moms after two odd-defying births at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center last week.

Amber Tramontana and Autum Shaw have known each other their whole lives.

"33 years of life experiences," said Shaw.

The twin sisters shared a lot of things over the years.

This year they even got the same birthday present.

"These two little girls here, we decided to introduce them to the world on our birthday," said Shaw.

On Autum and Amber's 33rd birthday, they both gave birth to baby girls...

90 minutes apart...

In rooms next to each other...

By the same doctor...

And no, they didn't plan it.

"It's the question that we get asked the most and there's no way we could have planned this," said Shaw.

They were both given the same due date of October 29, their own birthday.

"We kept waiting and every time she would call I would say, 'are you still pregnant?' And she's like, 'yeah, are you still pregnant?'" said Tramontana. "Then October 29th came and two girls now share the birthday with us."

This miracle didn't come without heartbreak first.

Shaw was pregnant last year but lost her baby around Christmas.

"Once we had healed from that, we became pregnant again, and that's when we found out that we were pregnant together," she said. "So all the details have really come together not by chance, but by God's very specific plan of what he wanted to happen."

The sisters said these little girls were meant to share their mom's birthdays.

"You don't hear of this kind of story because it doesn't happen," said Shaw. "But when God said 'this is what I want to happen,' it happened."

Now, the twins get to share their birthday with two more people.

"We're excited about the joint parties, those will be great," said Tramontana.

The sisters also have 2-year-old boys who were born 10 weeks apart.

"We grew up together, we had every single milestone together," said Tramontana. "Now our boys get to do the same thing and our girls get to do the same thing."

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