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'Buddy' the Beefalo makes a wintry appearance

The animal has been on the run since August of 2020. Officers have been trying to lure him into a trap so they can send him to an animal sanctuary.

PLYMOUTH, Connecticut — The above video is from September 2020.

Credit: Plymouth Police Department

Believe it or not, the Terryville beefalo affectionately named "Buddy," has been on loose for over six months.  

In that time, a fundraiser was started to save Buddy from slaughter and eventually was used to secure him a place at an animal sanctuary in Florida. A faux Twitter account was also created so the Beefalo could provide "updates" on himself. 

In the meantime, police have been trying to capture the animal by luring him into a trap with food and tight fencing. As of the time of this writing, Buddy has not been captured by Police. 

As Connecticut was walloped with strong snowstorms for what seemed to be the first time in a few years, a concern for the average viewer could be the well-being of Buddy the Beefalo. To those concerned viewers, Police are saying the beefalo is fine. 

On Thursday, Plymouth Police posted on their Facebook page showing Buddy very much alive and possibly just a little chilly. Police wrote, "Buddy Watch 2021!!! As you can see he is doing fine. Ready for dinner."

Police said if you are still interested in donating, please do so directly to Critter Farm Sanctuary. For more information on Critter Farm Sanctuary, click here

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