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Buddy the Terryville Beefalo still 'at large'

Police provided an update on Buddy, saying he has been eating well but still out in the wilderness.

PLYMOUTH, Connecticut — It has been almost four months since Buddy the Beefalo launched his 'escape. On Monday, Police provided an update on the bovine runaway. 

According to Police posted on Facebook, officers will be looking for Buddy Monday night. Police say Buddy is doing well and is very well fed. 

Police also showed they have redesigned and supported the fence surrounding a humane trap for Buddy. Officers now are trying to lure him into the pen. 

For those wondering why Police have not just gone out into the woods and capture Buddy, officers said they do not want to capture and pull the animal out of the woods out of fear of hurting him. Once Buddy is captured, he will be turned over to the Critter Farm Sanctuary in Gainsville, Florida.  

Credit: Plymouth Police Department
Credit: Plymouth Police Department

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