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Cause of death determined for Big E elephant

Beulah the elephant died last year at the age of 54.
Beulah the Elephant from the Big E has died

The USDA has determined the cause of death of Beulah the elephant who died last year. 

The cause of death was listed as "“septicemia from pyometra," which is a uterine infection. The USDA also said that it was Beulah was receiving appropriate veterinary care at the time of her death. 

Initially it was reported, Beulah the elephant passed away at the age of 54 due to natural causes. Asian Elephants like Beulah could live to be about 60-years-old in the wild.

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The Western Mass Animal Rights Advocates responded to USDA's determination of death, criticizing Beulah's zoo and authorities. 

The statement sent to FOX61 read:  

"The fact that Commerford Petting Zoo KNEW she was seriously ill with a uterine infection and no authorities did their job and inspected her on the premises right before the Big E is abhorrent. Even after she was unable to stand and a pic of her laying on her side was sent to authorities begging for them to step in, no action was taken. This tragic incident proves that the USDA regulations are pathetically weak and not even enforced. We are urging MA residents to contact their legislators, pushing for S. 2028 & H. 2934: Ban on use of elephants, bears, primates, big cats, and giraffes in traveling exhibits and shows."