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DEEP responds to report of bear inside Simsbury home

It's unclear if the bear actually got inside.
Close up of a wild Black Bear

The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection says that Environmental and Conservation Police (EnCon) responded to a report of a bear entering a home in Simsbury around 4 pm today. DEEP says that the homeowners, who are remodeling their home, saw a bear in the area and thought it entered their home, but they could not confirm whether or not the bear actually entered. 

Upon responding to the home on Woodchuck Hill Road, the EnCon Officer saw the bear near the woodline outside the home. DEEP says the bear was "hazed" in order to get it to leave the area, and no further action was necessary. Hazing bears includes using loud noises, non-injurious projectiles, and other methods to make bears wary of an area or humans in general. 

Bears who become accustomed to humans are at increased risk for harmful encounters with people, including being struck by cars. DEEP reports that a bear was struck and killed by a car in Litchfield on Friday night. 

DEEP provides extensive information on its website about black bears in Connecticut, in particular things people can do to remove food attractants from their yards to reduce the likelihood of an encounter with a bear.