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Plymouth Police select animal sanctuary for 'Buddy' the beefalo

The beefalo has been on the run since August. Police said on Tuesday they have raised enough money to buy the animal and send him to an animal sanctuary.

PLYMOUTH, Connecticut — The Plymouth Police Department announced on Wednesday night they are sending Buddy the beefalo to an animal sanctuary in Florida. 

Police said through their Facebook page they have decided to send the affectionately named Buddy the Beefalo to Critter Farm Sanctuary in Gainsville, Florida.  

"After much research, it was determined that Buddy should go to a sanctuary that not only has the best facilities but one that will truly meet his needs," said the Facebook post. 

Buddy has been missing since August and since then, has gained statewide notoriety. A gofundme was created by police and enough was raised to by the animal from his owner. The rest of the over $7,000 will go to Critter Farm Sanctuary. 

As of Wednesday, Buddy the Beefalo is still on the loose. Police released a new picture of him near a trap they set up for his capture. The plan is to build a fence around the area to capture him more easily. 

Credit: Plymouth Police Department

Police said if you are still interested in donating, please do so directly to Critter Farm Sanctuary. 

For more information on Critter Farm Sanctuary, click here

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