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Plymouth Police Department try new strategy to capture beefalo

The affectionately named "Buddy," has been on the run since August. Police say when he is caught, he will be taken to a Floridan animal sanctuary.
Credit: Plymouth Police Department

PLYMOUTH, Connecticut — Buddy the beefalo, a cross between a bovine and bison, has been missing since he escaped in late August. After attempts to capture him, Police have decided to take on a new strategy. Police are calling it "Operation Sneaky Hoof." 

Police set up a trap to safely capture Buddy and have been watching him closely for weeks. The goal is to lure the animal into a trap with food. The fences surrounding the trap were moved closer and closer together periodically to force the animal into the trailer. 

Police added they do not want to capture and pull the animal out of the woods out of fear of hurting him. Once Buddy is captured, he will be turned over to the Critter Farm Sanctuary in Gainsville, Florida.  

Credit: Plymouth Police Department

A spotlight was added to the trap to see Buddy more clearly at night but taken down. Police said apparently beefalos do not like bright lights. As of October 24, officers have switched to a thermal imaging camera to help find Buddy. 

"This way we can keep the windows up making it harder for Mr. Beefalo to catch us, " said Plymouth Police in a Facebook post. 

Buddy was spotted on Saturday about 50 yards away from the police and moving away. As of the time of this writing, Buddy still has not been caught. 


Police said if you are still interested in donating, please do so directly to Critter Farm Sanctuary. For more information on Critter Farm Sanctuary, click here