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Plymouth Police post new pics of Beefalo

The Police Captain says they have not caught Buddy as of Monday. They say he "looks to be in great health."
Credit: Plymouth Police Department

PLYMOUTH, Connecticut — Have you seen the Beefalo recently? 

As of last year, "Buddy" has been on the run after escaping from a nearby animal processing facility. Plymouth Police posted on Saturday two new pictures of the locally famous bovine and said he still has not been captured yet. 

Police added Buddy seems to be in "great health" and is still getting food and water from the Department. 

Once captured, Buddy will be relocated to Critter Farm Sanctuary, in Gainsville, Florida. Police announced in December a redesign of their trap to safely capture the animal. 

Below are the pictures that were taken by Police. 

Credit: Plymouth Police Department

For more information on Critter Farm Sanctuary, click here.