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Mom Squad: Free foreign language lessons and tours

Stuck home for spring break? Need help teaching foreign language? Maureen Kyle has a few freebies you can try.

CLEVELAND — “Hola! Dónde está el baño?” 

That is be the only Spanish I could muster up if I found myself in a foreign country where that is the main language. And while I wish I was fluent in another language, when would I have time to learn?

Turns out, now.

Rosetta Stone – which has always been on the more expensive side – is offering up free foreign language lessons online! They are aimed at younger kids or beginner levels, which is perfect because I could use a refresher and we have a few beginners in our house.

We tried it out. The format makes it like a game, so the girls stayed interested. We have been taking the lessons a little bit at a time.

But then, after we are done, we went exploring online, too.

We found a few websites that do virtual tours of cities, museums and landmarks. So, we checked out AirPano, which gave a beautiful 360-degree view of Barcelona and a ton of information to read about the history of the city and iconic landmarks.

Credit: Maureen Kyle

There was even an option to do a walking tour of La Sagrida Familia, the incredible temple still under construction and designed by Antoni Gaudi.

After we toured around Barcelona, my 6 year old asked, "Where else can we go?"

Even though we are stuck inside, these online resources can make up for the lost spring break trips. When we finally make it to Barcelona in real life, maybe we’ll be able to ask more than just, “Where is the bathroom?”

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