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Ready to spring forward? Sleep expert helps make the transition easier and even your littlest dreamers.

Our expert found out firsthand how a mom's world can crumble when the basic need of sleep isn’t met.

CONNECTICUT, USA — Ready to spring forward on Sunday? Your little ones may need some help. Marietta Paxon is a licensed marriage and family therapist, sleep trainer and mother of four who founded Little Dreamers, a baby sleep consulting business that helps families, especially mothers get the sleep they need to be healthy and thriving for their family.

She started her company after navigating sleep with her four children, including twins. Paxson says she found out firsthand how quickly a mom's world can crumble when the basic need for sleep isn’t met. She says it’s now her mission to help every family sleep better and feel better.

So when it comes to Sunday and getting your kids prepped for the new schedule this is her recommendation: the day before the time change, the day of, or the day after— if you want your child to stay on the regular sleep schedule— start waking them up earlier in the morning and then that will help your child also be able to go bed earlier at night.

Check out her free sleep guide here: https://www.littledreamers.us/