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'It saved my life' | How therapy helped KSDK's Justina Coronel during hard times, such as the coronavirus pandemic

"Therapy has brought so much hope into my life. It made me truly believe that my life would be OK again"

ST. LOUIS — With everything going on with COVID-19, it can be a stressful time for us. I spoke to Richelle Moore, a trauma therapist from Restore Counseling and Wellness Services, LLC to talk about how crucial therapy can be during this time. 

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Right now, Richelle just like many others are offering virtual sessions. I actually did my first one with my psychologist recently and it was just as effective. 

I know for some of us, it's hard to ask for additional support. I used to be someone who never believed in therapy. I was raised by an independent, strong Hispanic woman, who could handle the weight of the world on her shoulders and still have so much hope. And then as a cancer survivor at the age of 13, I didn't think therapy could save me, since I've saved myself during those years. But I judged, before I knew better. 

I thought cancer shook me to my bones, along with other obstacles my family had to endure years later. But at 23, I was truly tested. In a horrible accident we were in, my boyfriend passed away just a few feet away from me. 

I remember being in the hospital bed and thinking to myself, "God, why didn't you take me also? Because I just want to die right now." The pain that took over me was something I couldn't handle. I looked at my mom and begged her to get me help. Because I knew, I wouldn't be on this earth much longer if I didn't ask for that support. 

It'll be five years in May, since this nightmare occurred. Throughout the years, besides help from my incredible friends and family, it was the support from therapists and psychologists, then and now, that’s saved my life, more than once. I've learned that asking for support takes courage. Therapy has made me vulnerable, honest, and in touch with my emotions. It's brought so much hope into my life. It made me truly believe that my life would be OK again.

My interview with Richelle talking about how therapy can be helpful is in this article. And I understand, it's not for everyone and it's tough for some to afford it. But I wanted to put this interview here, so you can take away some pointers and learn some tools that can be essential for YOU and your family, regardless of your situation. 

I know right now, we are in a crisis. Everyone's circumstance looks different. But I promise you, it will be okay again. You will find your smile again. I know I did. You just have to believe. 

Wash your hands, stay at home as much as possible, and I can't wait to see you all on the other side. Take care, my friends. 


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