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WorkinCT: Providing temporary office space amid a pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, OfficePlace has made changes to keep its customers safe.

MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut — OfficePlace in Middletown was set up six years ago to meet the temporary needs of workers, whether they need to take an hour off the road to make calls or host a meeting for 20 people.

“It features small offices and office space and meeting rooms, conference rooms, meeting a changing work space where there’s less of a commitment to long term space and furniture and leases,” said Lennie Leibenhaut, OfficePlace Operations Manager.

There are some long-term tenants in the building as well. In the midst of the pandemic, OfficePlace has made changes to keep its customers safe.

“The minute you come in the door, you’ll see a sign that says, ‘Please wear your face mask and practice social distancing,’” said Dave TenEyck, OfficePlace Marketing and Sales Manager.

Desks are set up six feet apart, so people can socially distance while using one of the meeting rooms complete with a large screen for Zoom connections.

“Each room has been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned from the previous meeting. We have sign off and we follow all of the rules for Connecticut COVID prevention,” said TenEyck.

OfficePlace says it provides a safe space for people to network and get that companionship that working from home doesn’t have. It says it’s here to meet the changing needs of workplaces and employees, especially as people try to figure out plans on how to get back to work.

“Long term, my judgement is it’s going to be changing. People need more work space. The days of jamming people in a very tight space, especially in the cities, are coming to an end. People need more space,” said Leibenhaut.

For more information: https://officeplace.com/

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