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WorkinCT: Corbin Advisors

"What we bring to the table is a very deep research practice that analyzes, assesses what other companies are doing."

It’s been around for more than a decade, but Corbin Advisors is still expanding.

“We’re a 14-year-old company serving publicly-traded companies globally, and we advise our companies based on a research approach to strategy, communication and engagement with their constituencies which happen to be investors and employees,” said Rebecca Corbin, Corbin Advisors CEO and Founder.

In the midst of a pandemic, that research became crucial for the clients the firm serves.

“When you think about a crisis, whether it’s COVID or any other type of crisis, there becomes a concern with regard to what do we do. What we bring to the table is a very deep research practice that analyzes, assesses what other companies are doing, best practice and advising our clients with what is research based to give them the confidence that there’s precedent, this is based on research and this allows them to make decisions much quicker,” said Corbin.

She says, for example, during the height of COVID, there were a lot of corporations that were furloughing employees and reducing compensation. There were also progressive companies that were taking pay cuts at the board and c-suite levels. Corbin Advisors gave that data to its clients, helping them in a time of uncertainty.

“We lead with strength and we looked at this crisis as an opportunity to lean in, step up to support our clients in a much different way,” said Corbin.

Because of that, Corbin Advisors was able to expand its team. It grew its team by 75 percent over the last year. Twenty percent of that growth was just during the pandemic alone. It hired on four people, with plans to add an additional eight. It also moved into a new Farmington location.

“In addition to moving into a larger space, and employing about 40 people in the community with regard to general contractors, construction, and other service providers and vendors, we also are adding to our team. We feel really great about being able to be an employer in this time period,” said Corbin.

The firm is also investing in its community. While the company had the opportunity to move to New York or Boston, it says it’s very pro-Connecticut, looking to contribute to our state.

For more information: https://www.corbinadvisors.com/