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10 things to talk about during Thanksgiving dinner that have nothing to do with politics

HARTFORD — Thanksgiving is the time when friends and family come together to give thanks and enjoy each other’s company. But, in between eating the ...
Thanksgiving Dinner Stock

HARTFORD — Thanksgiving is the time when friends and family come together to give thanks and enjoy each other’s company.

But, in between eating the turkey and asking for mashed potatoes, idle chatter will start. That’s when things can get heated depending on your family and who you talk to. Politics can be a tricky field to navigate during the holiday season.

There are ideas this year to help try and quell the potential food fight that political talk may incite which includes the “Thanksgivingtaking” by “We the Purple”. The initiative even comes with a toolkit.

But, what if you want to steer clear from anything political altogether?

Here are some fun and heartwarming stories that’ll jumpstart you turkey dinner conversation:

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to host wedding for 26 year-old patient and fiancée – A man diagnosed with cancer a second time, and with no guarantee with recovery, decided to get married to his partner as soon as possible. That’s when CCMC stepped in.

Instant Pot releases special edition Star Wars Collection – There has to be a Star Wars fan somewhere in the family who would love to know about this!

Now at Dunkin: Scented candles – You can often find a Dunkin on every street corner in New England. What if you have relatives who don’t have a “Dunkies”, but grew fond of the coffee while staying during the holidays? Send them home with one of these candles so they can smell that original blend even in Billings, Montana.

Here’s how you can watch ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ this year – A tradition for many! Here’s how you can watch this classic TV special. Who’s your favorite character?

A baby seal was rescued from a California parking deck and immediately took a much-needed nap – CUTE! Whip out your phones and show your table guests this adorable video and everyone will go ‘aww’ immediately.

Robotics students build customized cars for children with special needs – This is heartwarming. Pure and simple.

Concerts, DJs, entertainment to mark ringing in 2020 at Mohegan Sun – Family coming back around for New Year’s Eve? Friends? Mohegan Sun has some entertainment going on, so you can start planning your last night of 2019 well in advance!

Huge haul of treasure stolen in German castle vault heist – This one is a little more intense and serious, but maybe your family is a ‘True Crime’ family and can speculate “Why” and “Who done it?”.

Hips don’t lie: Chicago woman sets new hula-hooping challenge – Set your own hula-hooping challenge pre-dinner, (not a great idea on full stomachs probably).  You will probably not come near this woman’s record, but it’ll be a funny video to watch on your Facebook memories next year.

Watch Tom Hanks find out he’s actually related to Mr. Rogers – Because of course he’s related to Mr. Rogers.


Happy Thanksgiving!