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Animal lovers and Bloomfield police chief speak out on breeder facing animal cruelty charge

Margaret Boisture is facing multiple charges including, cruelty to animals and illegal confinement
Credit: WTIC

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. — There was more fallout surrounding a local dog breeder who has been charged with animal cruelty. 

It was the hot topic at Thursday evening's Bloomfield town council meeting. 

There were two sides who spoke out at the meeting - those who supported the breeder saying her kennel is pristine and those who commended police for their efforts.

On January 22, Bloomfield Animal Control received their third complaint from neighbors who said dogs were left outside overnight in freezing conditions at the kennel known as Beech Tree Ranch LLC. 

"I noticed just the barking. Nonstop from either the large breeds that were outside and then what was inside the building that was. You could hear it clear as day," said Jason Eberle, a neighbor. 

Police said Boisture operated the kennel without a license. 

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Two days later, police seized 15 dogs and brought them to a vet. Six dogs were placed with their co-owners and the 23 dogs in good condition were left there. 

Police Chief Paul Hammick said his team has been vilified by people concerned about the animals welfare. 

"We brought them to a veterinary clinic. They were treated for a number of ailments. They were washed and cleaned because their coats were ... their coats were dirty. We’ll say that and now they’re in municipal kennels being cared for," said Hammick of the Bloomfield Police Department. 

However, Boisture's family and close friend argued the dogs seized were getting prepped for the Westminster Dog Show. 

"She has very high standards as well as her friends. They hold one another accountable. I don’t think any kennel can be run as with such high standards as what she’s doing," said Mary Walters, Boisture's mother.

"Our dogs were taken from their loving homes and into an even crappier place. First they’re stressed out over the movement of these random people taking our dogs From sitting in these tiny little cages at some random place we don’t even know where," said Jonathan Waterman, Boisture's son. 

"Those dogs were on heated floors. Most people can not afford to put heated floors in their own homes because of the construction cost. Those dogs were meticulously cared for. They’re little puppies. There’s gonna be some puppy excrement," said John Caruson, close friend of Boisture. 

Boisture's attorney told FOX61 in part:  

“Many of her dogs are champions and grand champions. The dogs are raised in a modern 2,000 square foot building with certain amenities that many people do not even enjoy, such as in-floor heating, that reflect her high standards.” 

The police chief also said they have been negotiating with Boisture so she gets her dogs back, but now that the court is involved, it is up to them to make the decision. He added body cameras were rolling when they stepped into kennel and once the court gives permission, the footage will be released publicly.