KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — As the world watches devastating wildfires burn much of Australia, images of burned and injured animals are everywhere.

Several groups are working to help those hurt animals, and, if you’re a crafter, you can help, too.

The Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild in Australia is working with wildlife groups across the country to get experts the supplies they need.


Animal experts are asking for blankets to help keep animals warm, joey pouches for injured or orphaned kangaroos and nests for birds or small mammals.

The Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild is asking that you only use the following approved patterns:

For blankets, experts ask that knitters use only stockinette or garter stitch because animals can pick or get caught in loose or lacy patterns.


For crocheters, wildlife groups are asking for similar items, but they have another set of patterns:


Wildlife groups are asking those with sewing machines to make bat wraps to help rescuers hold and comfort injured bats. Sewers can also make joey pouches.

There are many more approved patterns for projects to help animals in Australia listed here.

You can drop off finished projects at Loopville Yarn & Knitting shop in Bearden. Its address is 5204 Kingston Pike #1.

You can also mail completed projects to the American Rescue Crafters Southeast Hub (360 Pine Ridge Drive Harriman, TN 37748) or directly to Australia.

If you’d rather donate to the group in Australia, you can do that here, and you can donate here to the American Rescue Crafters to help them ship their donations to Australia.