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Jennifer Dulos still missing as disappearance hits 3-year mark

The mystery surrounding Jennifer Dulos continues as her disappearance hits its three-year mark. Focus also continues on protecting victims of domestic violence.

Jennifer Glatz (FOX61)

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Published: 5:28 AM EDT May 24, 2022
Updated: 2:19 PM EDT May 24, 2022

Three years have passed since Jennifer Dulos was reported missing, launching a multi-agency investigation into her disappearance that garnered national attention. 

The investigation into what may have happened to Jennifer spanned multiple areas across the state from a park in New Canaan to a garbage dump in Hartford. Jennifer's estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, was eventually charged with murder in connection with her disappearance. 

Eight months later, he died by suicide before the case could continue. 

A statement released Tuesday morning by friends and family of Jennifer says her children are doing well and they await the next steps in the legal process:

May 24, 2022, marks three years since Jennifer Farber Dulos was murdered and disappeared. We feel the immeasurable loss of her person every day; we also delight in her presence and celebrate her spirit as they manifest in her five incredible children. We are deeply grateful that Jennifer’s children are thriving and her mother, Gloria, is healthy and well.

There is still an open investigation into Jennifer’s murder and disappearance, and we are indebted to the Connecticut State Police for their ongoing dedication to this case. As court proceedings have resumed, we await the next steps in the legal process for the two key individuals who have yet to stand trial.

Above all, we miss Jennifer more than words can express, and we are thankful for the continuing support. In Jennifer’s memory, we ask that you hold your loved ones extra close and make time to laugh with friends. Please also remember that there are many missing and murdered people whose stories are never covered in the press, whose families and loved ones continue to grieve. You can help by supporting local organizations that assist survivors of intimate partner violence and by encouraging the press to give equal attention to all victims.

Three years out and there's still no information as to where Jennifer may be, while domestic violence awareness advocates and resource groups continue their push for more protections.

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