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Michelle Troconis lawyer asking state to reveal more evidence

The lawyer is asking the state for any alleged confessions, written statements prepared by law enforcement between them and Kent Mawhinney.

HARTFORD, Conn — A lawyer for Michelle Troconis-- a woman charged in connection to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos-- wants the state to reveal additional evidence about alleged co-conspirator Kent Mawhinney's case.

“Mister Mawhinney claims that although he had no involvement, that he was present at 4 Jefferson Crossing on the evening of May 23rd 2019 and heard Fotis Dulos and my client talking about wanting to quote, “get rid of” Jennifer Dulos. He claimed that that was crazy and he wanted nothing to do with it, and he goes home that evening and the next afternoon, late in the afternoon, Fotis Dulos, according to this statement, calls him and says words to the effect of, we did it. And so, as a result of that, there is now at least some indication that Mister Mawhinney is a state’s witness. He admits during the course of the interview that he wants to do this because he wants to get out of jail and he was rewarded for that,” said attorney Jon Shoenhorn.

According to Shoenhorn's motion for additional disclosure and examination-- he is asking for the state to share any alleged confessions, written statements prepared by law enforcement, and other recorded interactions between Mawhinney and police.

“Although I’m not at liberty to disclose what she said to me, I would just say that if I were entitled to do so, you wouldn’t be able to air it on network television at prime time,” said Shoenhorn.

Kent Mawhinney is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the killing of Jennifer Dulos. 

“This is all being done kind of surreptitiously under the table. I have never in my career, and I’ve been doing this for over three decades, had a situation where a bond is reduced without there being a court hearing,” said Shoenhorn. "she’s upset by it because she denies that implications of that, like I said, whatever Mr. Mawhinney chose to say, he obviously, and I would emphasize, he obviously knew that if he was going to get any kind of consideration you have to blame it on someone who is currently a defendant in a criminal case. It wouldn’t help him to simply say it was Fotis Dulos.”

Mawhinney is due in court for a pretrial hearing in this case on February 2.He pled not guilty to the charges against him.

"I don't know if it has anything to do with the case, they found something in the woods off of Mountain Spring Road on Farmington Land Trust Property. It was collected and it was sent off to a lab for analysis. That's all I know, I saw pictures of it, but the trail ends there so I have no idea if they decided it was irrelevant or whether there is something more that I need,” said Shoenhorn.  

"we have thousands and thousands of pages of documents, mostly digital, multiple terabytes on external hard drives and it's going to take a while to go through everything."

Norm Pattis, who represented Fotis Dulos, was asked if he had any comment about assertions made by Troconis’ attorney,Jon Schoenhorn, and he texted back and said “no comment.”

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