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Vanessa Morales still missing after three months

The FBI is offering a $10, 000 reward for leads directly to recovery of Vanessa.
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ANSONIA, Conn. — Three months ago, the entire state of Connecticut went on alert when an Amber Alert was issued for missing one year-old, Vanessa Morales. Three months later, Vanessa has still not been found. 

On December 2, police found Vanessa's mother, Christine Holloway dead inside her home. Police released Holloway's identity to the public four days later. Vanessa, who was supposedly with her mother, could not be found. 

Police say that they are still following leads and information provided to them from the public. The FBI is offering a $10, 000 reward for leads directly to recovery of Vanessa. In December, police released pictures of items that Holloway used to take care of Vanessa. They are still looking for those items. 

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Police are asking if any of these items are found, that they should not be touched. Instead, call either Ansonia Police Department 203-735-1885 or the F.B.I. tip line 203-503-5555 or 800-225-5324

Below are the items: 

"Our only goal is to locate Vanessa safe and unharmed so she can be reunited with her family. Thank for your continued assistance and support," said Ansonia Police in a Facebook post. 

Jose Morales, Vanessa's father, was charged with murder of Christine Holloway. He is currently awaiting trial. He has insisted he wouldn’t be involved in the disappearance of his daughter. 

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