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Day 1 of murder trial against Wethersfield murder suspect highlights details of 16-year-old’s death

WETHERSFIELD — A man charged with killing his high school classmate in 2017 faced a judge on Tuesday. 20-year-old Noah Hendron is charged with the shootin...

WETHERSFIELD -- A man charged with killing his high school classmate in 2017 faced a judge on Tuesday.

20-year-old Noah Hendron is charged with the shooting and killing of 16-year-old Vincent Basile in Wethersfield on November 2nd, 2017. Police say Hendron pointed the gun at Basile and pulled the trigger, unaware that it would go off. Police also say Basile was shot in the head, and then Hendron allegedly left in a car.

Hendron is charged with murder as well as carrying a pistol without a permit.

Tuesday, the jury trial for murder started after Hendron denied a plea deal. The pistol charge will be handled in front of a court trial.
Emotions ran high as the State questioned the first responders who described what the scene looked like and where they found Vincent Basile's body.

"When I arrived on scene, we were met outside by Wethersfield Police Department," says one of the Paramedics who first came to the home in Wethersfield, Sean Piscopiello. "The officer on scene told me 'it looks like it's going to be a presumption', where the party has been dead too long for any resuscitative efforts to be made."

"There was a large amount of blood on the porch underneath him, some of it congealing with what appeared to be brain matter in it," Piscopiello continued. "He also had a noticeable hole on his right side of his head. He was leaning back with his mouth open at that time. He was pale and cyanotic, which indicates no oxygen is being transferred on the body."

Paramedics were called to the home at around 8:20 p.m., nearly two hours after Basile was allegedly shot in the head.

"At 6:34 p.m., we received a call for a gunshot in the area of Middletown Avenue," says Wethersfield Police Sergeant, John Blair. "I remember because I didn't go. I was on my lunch break at 6:30. Two officers responded and were unable to find anything to determine what caused the sound."

It wasn't until around 8:17 Josh Unick placed a call to 9-1-1, saying Hendron allegedly shot Basille. The 9-1-1 call recording had Unick telling the dispatch it was a "complete [expletive] accident." That second call was a source of contention in the courtroom before the trial started. The State asked the Court to prevent the defense from asking Josh about whether he believed the shooting to be intentional or accidental.

Wethersfield police described Unick's appearance when they got to the house. He was sitting on the front steps of his home with his friend Robert Mazzaferro.

"They were both visibly shaken, crying, scared," said Blair.

State police revealed they later found the gun and four bullets at the bottom of a storm drain at the end of the driveway.

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