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Uconn students asked to quarantine, the community responds

The students at the off-campus Oaks Apartment were asked by UConn officials to quarantine due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases linked to the complex.

MANSFIELD, Connecticut — On Friday UConn Students who live in the Oaks, an off-campus apartment complex, were asked to quarantine for two weeks due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. Up to five hundred and fifty units are occupied with UConn students. While not every unit has tested positive they are still required by UConn to quarantine and cannot join in-person classes.   

With so many students asked to stay inside for the community, Mansfield resident Heather Evans decided to step in. Turning to social media Evans thought it was important to show her support for these students. Organizing just about five hundred and fifty care packages to be delivered to the students. 

“I just felt that they’re away from home, they're young adults, they’re probably scared and now we’re asking them to stay home to keep us safe so I feel we need to show them that we care about them by doing something nice for them” said Evans, a front line worker herself, went on to say "you’re caring for people showing empathy to show them that we do care about them. We see you, we see that you’re there and that you’re potentially hurting."  

Through community donations, they received cash donations of $1,800, food donations, and a bag donation from Barnes and Noble, the goal was achieved.  On Monday evening residents of Mansfield put together the bags and brought all five hundred and fifty bags to the Oak where they will be distributed by management.  

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