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EXCLUSIVE: Patient of Tony Todt says “he was not himself” when seen in November

COLCHESTER– A patient of Tony Todt has spoken exclusively to FOX61. He told us he saw Tony around Thanksgiving for Physical Therapy. “I’m sick to my stoma...

COLCHESTER-- A patient of Tony Todt has spoken exclusively to FOX61. He told us he saw Tony around Thanksgiving for Physical Therapy.

“I’m sick to my stomach a little bit, I’m not really sure why I just kind of want answers,” said Austin O’Brien, a long-time patient of Todt.

Answers the entire Colchester community has been looking for ever since the Todt family was reported missing more than a week ago.

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A Facebook page was shared by residents throughout the town, looking for answers after the Todt’s and their three young children had not been heard from in over a week.

Officials in Florida confirmed that Tony Todt had confessed to killing his wife and three children.

According to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, police were called to the home at 2002 Reserve Place to assist federal agents with the Department of Health and Human Services in serving an arrest warrant for Todt.

Police say that deputies on scene made contact with Todt in the home, along with federal agents, and he was immediately detained.

While police conducted a safety check of the home, they discovered four dead individuals. The home was secured while detectives served a search warrant.

Police say he confessed to killing his wife and three children. The medical examiner determined their cause of death to be homicide, but specifics on how they died were not given. Todt has been charged with multiple counts of homicide and one count of felony animal cruelty.

From the initial investigation, including Todt's statements, police believe the victims have been dead since the end of December.

“When I first saw the missing group I was alarmed because I hadn’t seen Tony for a long time actually. I myself was wondering where he had been and why he hasn’t been coming back,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien is a patient of Tony’s. He told me he’s been going to Tony for physical therapy since he was in high school. He told us he knew the family had moved to Florida, but Tony has been back and forth still seeing patients in Colchester.

“Right before Thanksgiving, I just saw him. Probably my last visit with him. He worked on me. Not a talkative as he usually is, he was kind of on his phone a lot,” said O’Brien.

Austin says that was very unlike Tony, he was a very friendly man who often spoke about his children.

“He knows that I had a newborn, we had been talking about that for a long time. He always talked about his children and his family. Even giving me tips for my newborn,” said O’Brien.

Austin was one of many patients surprised to get a call from the office in December canceling appointments for the time being.

Attorney General William Tong confirmed they have a 'False Claims Act' investigation into Tony Todt. This comes after a nearby business owner told FOX61 she saw general investigators in and out of his Colchester business. It's reported that Tony Todt's physical therapy license was suspended.

A sign still hangs on the door today, starting the office is closed.