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Family of victim of West Haven police shooting happy with revamped investigation

NEW HAVEN – Acting Chief State’s Attorney, John Russotto, has agreed to add New Haven State’s Attorney Patrick Griffin to the investigation in...

NEW HAVEN - Acting Chief State's Attorney, John Russotto, has agreed to add New Haven State's Attorney Patrick Griffin to the investigation into the officer involved shooting that killed 19 year carjacking suspect Mubarak Soulemane last week in West Haven. This decision is a relief to the family of the victim.

A week after receiving the devastating news that Soulemane had been shot to death by Trooper Brian North after an alleged carjacking and point pursuit, the family feels justice will be served.

“They looked us in the eyes and told us that we should have faith in them and they’re not going to be biased so we feel pretty confident,” said Tahir Mohammad, an uncle of victim.

They are especially comfortable with the New Haven State's Attorney assisting in the investigation.

“Pat’s door has been open to us,” said Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber of the New Haven Clergy Association. “We have built a relationship over the last several years.”

He said the family and clergy were also going to meet with West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi about the incident since the fatal shooting occurred in her city and some of the West Haven Police Department responded.

“And we’re not so sure that some of those guys and girls should be put on administrative leave,” said Kimber.

When the video from Trooper Josh Jackson’s body camera is slowed down, one can see Mubarak Soulemane turn to his right and either reach down or toward the backseat before coming up with his right arm and hand.

Was this why Trooper Brian North shot? Rev. Kimber believes no.

“They had tased him and so that was a shock to him,” Kimber said.

He contends the Taser caused involuntary body movements, which caused Soulemane’s right arm to raise up.

Kimber says Rev. Al Sharpton will be the speaker at Sunday's memorial for Moubarek Soulemane, who was accused of carjacking a rideshare driver outside of an AT&T store in Norwalk last Wednesday afternoon.

A State Police dispatcher spoke with Norwalk Police regarding their BOLO (which stands for Be On the Look Out), and was told that the operator was armed with a knife.

This vital information was necessary because the State Police Pursuit Policy adopted in September 2019 prevents Troopers from normally pursuing stolen vehicles unless the person pursued in the vehicle has committed, is attempting to commit or will imminently commit a crime of violence (actual or threatened), or there are articulable exigent circumstances that warrant the need to apprehend the suspect in a timely manner because of the potential for harm to the public if apprehension does not occur.