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30,000 PPE pieces delivered to Waterbury area

The Grace Farms Foundation has donated 30,000 pieces of PPE to the Waterbury area.

WATERBURY, Conn. — At a time when local hospitals are desperate for personal protective equipment, local organizations are stepping up to help donate it.

Tuesday, Grace Farms Foundation came to Waterbury Hospital to donate thousands of pieces of PPE.

“We could not be getting through this crisis without the support of our community,” said

Lester Schindel, CEO of Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury Hospital was not their first donation, or their last.

“We’ve been delivering around 1 million pieces of PPE in the state of Connecticut, mainly in region one and we’re trying to look outside of region one. So now we’re going to The hospitals that are in need. We are trying to fill the void from the state. So Waterbury hospital and Saint Mary’s Hospital we’re on our deck to be delivered,” said Rod Khattabi, Chief Accountability Officer, Grace Farms Foundation.

Each hospital received about 15,000 PPE items today. The hospital told us these items will go quickly.

“Just to give you some rough numbers, we go through 1000 gowns a day, we go through 2500 masks a day this is a constant sourcing of PPE,” said Schindler.

The Grace Farms Foundation said they plan to continue this mission. So far they’ve raised about $4 million that they’ve spent entirely on PPE for those on the front lines.

“We’re getting them from China, we’ve got three supply chains that we work with and we’ve been successful in getting N95’s, A lot of disposable masks, gowns, and coveralls. So that’s what we do, we look at hospitals with the need,” said Khattabi.