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6 ideas to keep your kids entertained, plus 1 for you

Things that can help make the time pass quickly

HARTFORD, Conn. — 1. #HeartsForHealthcareWorkers

Have the kids cut out, decorate and display hearts on your front door or window. It’s a beautiful way to show thanks to healthcare workers on the front lines.

2. Water & Food Coloring

Keep it simple! Empty containers, food coloring and water. The younger ones willlove a simple pouring station, amounting to tons of fun.

3. Educational screen time.

Since were undoubtedly upping our screen time— make it educational! https://www.poppisplanet.com/
Check out poppis planet! Clinton, Connecticut native Erin Shea just released the new children’s show based on self-awareness, empathy, joy, and compassion.
The first three episodes are certainly timely- about hikes, yoga, and hand washing!

4. Look for the Good https://www.lookforthegoodproject.org/
A small idea years ago, Connecticut native Anne Kubitsky asked a few strangers to fill out postcards saying what they were grateful for.

It spread like wildfire. She received more than 20,000 from all over the world and sparked a movement.
Nearly a decade later, the Connecticut-based Look for the Good project’s gratefulness campaign is now in schools across the country.

One easy exercise for home: encourage your children to write their loved ones and tell them why they matter.

5. Color.
Guilford based art therapist Sarah Guercia https://www.foxfeatherhealingarts.com/profile.htm offers a therapeutic & creative project for the whole family. All you need Is a circle and some coloring materials.

6. Get outside.
Take a walk, kick around the soccer ball, dust off your old baseball glove.

Plus 1 for you-
Make it a date night— in!
No it’s not at all like what we’re used to but health experts say it helps your spirits to get dressed, showered, do your hair, set the table, order takeout, and sit down at the table with your partner for a meal, hey even lit he some candles. Try it out and if you do we’d love to see those date night in selfies with #share61

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