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A Turning Point | How are Connecticut nursing homes faring now?

FOX61 takes a close look at COVID in nursing homes

Julia LeBlanc

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For Giulia Cox, the last two years have been very tough.

Her 90-year-old father lives at the Mary Wade House, a nursing home in New Haven. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, strict safety restrictions meant that she couldn’t visit him.

“I hadn’t seen him in person for months,” Cox recalled to FOX61 News recently.

"Because he has dementia, because he's 90, and because he's used to having me around for any kind of medical intervention, he was confused, he was isolated, he was fearful.”

This was the reality for hundreds of families in Connecticut and across the country when COVID-19 cases began to rise last year. Nursing homes were hit particularly hard by the virus.