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Danbury weighing rolling back to phase 2

Jenn Bernstein asked the mayor, "Are you considering rolling back from phase 3 to phase 2 in the city?"

HARTFORD, Conn — Danbury is weighing rolling back from phase 3 to phase 2 due to the number of COVID-19 cases in the city. 

Mayor Mark Boughton told FOX61's Jenn Bernstein during the taping of The Real Story about the decision. 

Jenn Bernstein asked the mayor, "Are you considering rolling back from phase 3 to phase 2 in the city?"

Boughton replied, "Right now no, but I think that's something that we may actually end up answering on Saturday or Sunday depending on where the next few days of cases go. Today we had 33... as we tape this Thursday we have 33 cases, 37 on Wednesday so we're seeing a much more elevated amount of cases and it's concerning to us but we want to give it more time before we make any large decisions like going back to phase 2."

“We know that if we roll back from phase three to phase two, that 25 percent of people or patrons inside the restaurants could be devastating to some businesses. We just don’t want to put anybody out of business until we are absolutely sure that the health, safety, and welfare of our residents is being jeopardized.”

Boughton says they have actually sold ten private tours of the waste treatment plant that was named for HBO host John Oliver, the private tours will be given by him and cost $500.00. He said they have a family of three coming. One hundred percent of profits will go to the local food pantry.

The public works crew in Danbury built the platform where you can go take a picture with the sign…but he says they’ve had to move some of the stuff on the platform because for the last three or four days they’ve had hundreds of people running around the sewer plant – which is an active construction site – so they’ve had to tighten it up a bit. But the sign is up and you can take pictures.

On Thursday, Gov. Lamont said the following towns and cities were on the list

Towns added: 

    • Canterbury
    • Danbury
    • East Hartford*
    • Fairfield*
    • Griswold
    • Groton*
    • Hartford
    • Lisbon*
    • Montville
    • New London
    • Norwalk*
    • Norwich
    • Plainfield*
    • Prospect*
    • Salem*
    • Sprague
    • Waterford*
    • Waterbury*
    • Windham

  • *Newly added to the red-level alert list this week

Towns removed

  • East Lyme
  • Preston

The state's positivity rate has climbed over the past few weeks. The governor said treatments had improved the prognosis for those infected. In the early days of the pandemic 1/3 of those hospitalized were in the ICU. Now 1/5 of people end up in the ICU.

You can see the entire interview Sunday, at 10 am.