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Danbury/Norwalk Hospital Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

The person is a New York resident

DANBURY, Conn. — This article is from March 6 -- for the very latest on COVID-19, click here.

An employee of Danbury and Norwalk Hospital has tested positive for COVID-19. She is currently on self-quarantine in Westchester, New York. Officials believe she contracted the virus in New York State. 

Although that person works in the state of Connecticut, there are still no confirmed tests in the state. Hospital officials are being cautious.

"I feel very comfortable and confident that we are on the right path to do so," said Kerry Eaton, COO of Nuvance Health. 

Danbury and Norwalk Hospital officials and staff surrounded Governor Ned Lamont to talk about a situation they have been preparing for.

"It was somewhat inevitable that there was going to be a positive COVID-19 case in our state," said Eaton. 

That woman is back at home in New York. Once the employee started to see symptom she self-quarantined until the results of her tests came back this afternoon.

"The hospital has been very aggressive and figured out everybody she’s had contact with over the last several days," said Gov. Lamont. 

Hospital staff says she worked in an isolated area of the hospital so she came in minimal contact with other employees and patients. All of those people will be closely monitored for symptoms in the coming days.

"We take care of patients with infectious diseases every day of the year," said Eaton. "All of our hospitals and our staff know how to take care of patients with infectious diseases."

The Connecticut Department of Health says they have tested 42 specimens but all have come back negative. There are still 11 to be tested. Governor Lamont has requested for another kit to be able to perform more testing. 

"Our goal is to be able to get a kit for early next week that will provide an additional 600 tests that can be performed at our state public health lab," said DPH Commissioner Renee Coleman-Mitchell. 

Experts mentioned that people should be thoroughly washing their hands, avoid touching their face and if they feel sick not to go to work to avoid potentially spreading the virus.

"We got this," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. "It’s going to be unnerving, disruptive, it’s scary but at the end of the day, we’re going to be OK."

Experts say symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the flu. The main difference is the flu is an upper respiratory infection while the coronavirus is lower respiratory. Also like the flu, symptoms of the Coronavirus can last a few days for some and longer for others.

People with questions about symptoms can call 211 for more information.

For the latest on COVID-19 go to FOX61.com/Coronavirus

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