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Gov. Lamont discusses peak covid-19 predictions

Friday's briefing comes as several executive orders go into effect in the state, including Safe Store Rules and hotel limits for essential workers.

Governor Lamont held a news briefing Friday afternoon to provide updates on Connecticut’s coronavirus response efforts.

Lamont said there are now 4,914 confirmed people with COVID-19 and as of April 3, 131 people have died due to the virus. 909 patients have been hospitalized for the virus. 

“The percentage of tests spiked up to 64% but remember these numbers are bouncing around,” Lamont said. 

Considering peak predictions, the governor said the state will need 12,000 beds and 4,000 ventilators. The state currently has 7,000 beds but he said only 4,000 are covid-19 ready. 

The state only has 1,050 ventilators, Lamont pointed out the state only received fifty from the federal stockpile, but state officials are working to get more. 

“I’m really confident working together, working across the state, working with hospitals, we are in as good a position as we can be given these circumstances,” Lamont said.

The number of nursing homes with at least one person with COVID-19 rose to 48 out of 216 or 22% of all nursing homes. 

In the press conference, the Governor and other state officials discussed nursing homes and how the state is responding. The governor also addressed the death of an infant, which was announced Thursday. He also pointed out that residents can have a positive impact on the peak predictions by continuing to social distance.

During the press conference, the governor showed a series of slides, outlining a game plan while also showing the varying COVID-19 curves through each part of Connecticut.  For more info on the conference, click here

The Governor said the state is looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills to serve. 

For more information, click here

Friday's press conference comes as several executive orders go into effect in the state.

  • All hotels and short-term rentals will be reserved for essential workers only in efforts to limit transportation between states and in-state as well. 
  • All retail establishments permitted to stay open, such as grocery stores, required to follow new Safe Store Rules. This includes occupancy capacities at 50%, among other rules.