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Hartford schools prepare to reopen for fall

The Governor and Education Commissioner announced Thursday a framework for students to return to school.

On Thursday Governor Ned Lamont and Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona announced a framework for students to return back to school in the fall. Connecticut schools were closed in March as a result of the pandemic

The framework, though brief, outlines for school districts the necessary precautions they must take to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus. One of those parameters will require staff and students to wear masks inside the building at all times. 

FOX61 spoke with Hartford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez about the new regulations schools must now adhere to in order to reopen. 

"While I acknowledge that they're challenging, we're going to have to figure it out," said Torres-Rodriguez. 

From social distancing, reconfiguring classrooms, and wearing face coverings are other regulations. 

A weekend of anticipation for Superintendent's across the state as they received broad guidance on the upcoming school year Thursday.

"I can't wait to get the detailed guidance because that's really gonna allow myself and my team to filter the guidance through our context," said Torres-Rodriguez. 

Governor Lamont and Cardona said a more detailed packet with specific guidelines will be released to the school on Monday, June 29. 

Dr. Torres-Rodriguez tells FOX61 she is making sure every parent, teacher, and staff member are heard while Hartford develops their plans.

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"I communicate to my team and to our teachers and our staff that it is not just coming into the school year with one scenario. It is multiple scenarios that we have to be willing and able to quickly pivot to implement," Torres-Rodriguez said.