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Lamont talks about Feds issuing travel advisory

Trump has directed that a “strong Travel Advisory” be issued to stem the spread of the outbreak.
Credit: FOX61

Gov. Ned Lamont spoke Sunday about the Saturday's confusion over President Donald Trump saying he was thinking about issuing a quarantine for parts of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. 

Trump backing away from calling for a quarantine for coronavirus hotspots in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Instead, Trump directed that a “strong Travel Advisory” be issued to stem the spread of the outbreak.

Trump raised the idea of a quarantine in a tweet earlier Saturday, but governors in the three states pushed back. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was particularly critical, telling CNN that roping off states would amount to “a federal declaration of war.” Cuomo also said he believes that such a quarantine would be illegal, economically catastrophic and “preposterous." 

Lamont said, “Yesterday was a day marked by a little confusion, so I might as well tell you when the president said he was thinking about a mandatory quarantine for New York City including Jersey City and including Fairfield County, the three governors got together to say what does this mean? Are you thinking about a lockdown? What do you mean? Words matter. 

"This is the commercial and financial hub of the United States, global capital of the world. Be careful when you talk words like that. And by the end of the day yesterday, with good interface with the White House, talked to the president, talked to the vice president, we ended up reaching an agreement, which I greatly appreciate, which is surely what we call a transit alert, slowing things down, making sure that anybody who crosses the border has to have that 14-day quarantine.

"Something that Gov Cuomo, Gov. Murphy and myself we will be able to enforce and will make a dramatic difference. And I really appreciate the White House working in collaboration with the governors to make sure the orders that come out are something that A) we can enforce, and B) it’s just so important at this point in time to speak with clarity and make sure there’s no confusion because confusion can lead to panic…."