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New data on COVID-19 related deaths in nursing homes to be released

Gov. Lamont also signed executive orders which give nursing homes and assisted living facilities fines if they fail to report a daily status update to the state.

New data is expected Friday regarding the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in nursing homes across the state.

Governor Lamont also signed another executive order requiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide daily status reports to the state. 

According to the new executive order, nursing homes and assisted living facilities that do not comply with the mandatory reporting requirements could face penalties of up to $5,000 per violation.

Numbers released by the state last week revealed 375 residents in nursing homes across the state have died of COVID-19 associated complications.

But questions are being raised about the accuracy of the data being reported to the state.

Last week’s state data recorded nine COVID-19 associated deaths of residents at Kimberly Hall North in Windsor which is operated by Genesis Healthcare.

But earlier this week, Kimberly Hall told FOX61 they’ve lost 35 residents.

As nursing homes struggle to contain outbreaks, Chief Medical Officer of Genesis Physician Services Richard Pfeifer says testing is key:

"We also need to, and want to, do more testing of the staff in long term care facilities and nursing facilities so we are catching asymptotic people who are contagious. But, bear in mind, when you test someone it's just a snapshot in time. It tells you about today so you have to have periodic testing.”

Governor Lamont says the state has started inspections of nursing homes checking on things like PPE, infection protocols, and reported data.

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