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'Pictures For Patients' at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, spreading encouragement

With the new program, the staff at Gaylord is hoping this will boost spirits.

WALLINGFORD, Conn. — Amid COVID-19 restrictions, the rehabbing at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare continues, even though visits from loved ones have stopped.

Sam Cuda, is reclaiming his life after suffering a spinal cord injury while surfing in Rhode Island. With families relying on digital interaction vs. face to face there are times when things get difficult. 

Sam recorded a video for FOX61 from Gaylord and he explains “throughout my journey recovering from a spinal cord injury there are a lot of days where things are going well, but there are also days when things aren’t going well”

With a new program called “Photos for Patients” the staff at Gaylord is hoping this will boost spirits. “receiving support from the community and pictures like these really makes me be motivated during those hard times, and I believe that all the other patients here, that having pictures like will also push them through those hard times” Cuda went on to say in the video. 

Vice President of Development, Public Relations, and Marketing, Tara Knapp, said the idea came from an employee, who posted it on Facebook. 

From there the idea spread, they’ve received over one-hundred photos so far. They understand the importance of visits “we’re doing the best we can but we don’t know what the inside jokes are, we do develop close relationships because the average stay is 25 days but still family is everything. The Pictures for Patients allows you to have a day brightener from the outside world and to have a touch or see something that amuses you or that makes you smile”

Gaylord staff asks that you do not send the drawings, words of encouragement, etc, to the facility rather take a picture, and send it in an email. The staff will print it at the facility and distribute to the patients. The email is publicrelations@gaylord.org.

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