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SCSU, WestConn fieldhouses transformed to field hospitals

Sites are being staged for non-COVID patients to prevent hospital overflow

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — NEW HAVEN - The field houses at Southern Connecticut State University and Western Connecticut State University are being staged this week for potential hospital overflow for Yale New Haven and Danbury Hospitals. The field hospitals are for non-COVID patients.

Inside three tractor-trailer loads full of crates, the components to make up the medical stations that will transform Southern’s Moore Fieldhouse into the Moore field hospital.

“This time of year, there would usually be 100 athletes running around the track right now,” said SCSU Athletics Director, Jay Moran. “We’d have some hoop players after the season doing some one on one drills. It’s just so different.”

The Connecticut National Guard was busy assisting to offload a truck full of crucial medical equipment from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Once the set up is complete, there will be about 250 beds. W

“Our biggest thing is making sure that the different healthcare entities around the state have the logistical support they need to set up these kinds of sites and to also get the distribution of the personal protective equipment that they need as well,” said Staff Sergeant Steven Tucker, of the Connecticut Air National Guard.

Tuesday, the offloading. Wednesday the actual set up begins.

“We started with the EEE virus and then went to Coronavirus,” said Moran, on the subject of the strange school year it has been. “Whoever would’ve thought that this field house would be turned into a hospital.”

The Connecticut National Guard says they’ve got four days to offload the trucks and set up the entire hospital. But, they expect to be done well before the deadline.