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Hospitals update research in treating COVID-19

At least 1,000 people have been released after treatment

Yale New Haven health announced Tuesday its hospitals reach the milestone of at least 1,000 people have now been released after being treated at it hospitals

“We are discharging approximately a 100 patients a week yesterday we discharged 20 patients actually who were Covid positive,” Yale New Haven hospital Chief Operating Officer Dr. Keith Churchwell said.

These are patients whose symptoms have improve to the point of no longer needing inpatient care. Hartford Healthcare is also reporting close to 400 patients.

Doctors say treatment for most COVID-19 patients generally include supportive care.

“That is to make sure that the patient is supported in their breathing and in their fluids and in their electrolytes to make sure that any complications that they have are treated,” Yale New Health Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Tom Balcezak.

While recoveries are to be celebrated, the science for treating Covid 19 is still evolving

“Ideally we would have treatments that we know work Unfortunately with this that is so fast moving we don’t have the time to be able to do the kinds of studies to be able to know what works and what does it work,” Dr. Balcezak said.