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Universities and colleges implement strict procedures during student move-in day

"Every day, it's kind of hard to realize that this is the reality that we're living in,"

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Many students along with the help of their families are still in the process of moving back on campus.

The process looked much different than previous years.

Yale University was one of many colleges and universities where students moved in but this year, settling in comes with a set of new rules to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

"Every day, it's kind of hard to realize that this is the reality that we're living in," said Milkay Teysir, freshman at Yale.

It will be Teysir's first year at Yale. She traveled from Buffalo, New York and stuffed her whole life into the trunk which is an unnerving feeling for many first-year students.

Add the pandemic onto that and the college experience is even more unpredictable, but Teysir trusted the Yale community is well aware of the new norm.

"We all do have a part to play and there are no parties and just hoping that everybody actually abides by those rules," added Teysir.

Teysir's mom was nervous about her daughter living on campus.

"It's kind of a little scary but I'm sure she'll follow the rules and everything will be fine," said Aziza Abalita of Buffalo, New York.

Normally, there would be a much larger crowd during the move-in period. This year, however, each student had a designated two-hour slot for them to get situated.

All students had to complete a COVID-19 test before moving in as well as complete an online training and signing a community compact to ensure they agree to the new safety rules.

Students who test positive must be quarantined in their dorm rooms or off-campus homes for 14 days.

As for classes, most of them will be remote and in-person classes will begin mid-September.

Students have until the 28th to move into their dorms before classes start on the 31st

"I feel like everyone here is going to have the same expectations about Covid. I feel like everyone is going to take it very seriously and make sure that they're doing proper social distancing, making sure they wear their masks everywhere," said John Escobar, freshman at Yale.

The fear of contracting COVID-19 was echoed by students at the University of Hartford after several football players and students tested positive at UConn in Storrs.

Two residential assistants hoped their school year will start off differently.

"The only concern I might have is off campus parties. That's a little hard because we can't control that. I know that UHart is doing a lot to take control of the different things on campus," said Dana Brooks, sophomore at University of Hartford.

"I'm seeing in a lot of my peers and myself the comfortability to say hey pull your mask up or hey let's follow these rules and regulations, let's stay six feet apart," said Juli Dajci, senior at University of Hartford.

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