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VERIFY: Will infected children be separated from their parents?

There's no official info on if children who test positive will be taken from their parents, but there are reports of patients being quarantined away from family.

It's a top question among parents concerned over coronavirus: What happens when children get infected? Will they be separated from their parents?

Here's a post you may have seen going around on Facebook:

"Biggest wake up call ever! If your child gets this virus their (they're) going to hospital alone in a van with people they don't know to be with people they don't know. You will be without them in their time of need. Think about it"

To verify this claim we reached out to the Centers for Disease Control:

First things first - they say children don't appear to be a higher risk group for the coronavirus than adults.

Some children and infants have the virus, but adults make up the majority of cases.

Also, there's not enough data to say if children with underlying conditions or special medical needs are more at risk than others.

But what about the main question here - will kids with the virus be taken away in a van and treated alone?

Well, we can't say. There's no official information on if children who test positive will be taken away from their parents.

But there are reports of parents who test positive being quarantined away from their families while receiving treatment.

The CDC says even though kids aren't high risk, you still need to take steps to protect them. Make sure they're washing their hands, avoid people who are sick, and clean surfaces you touch often.

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