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Yale-New Haven Health provides guidance on protecting newborns from COVID-19

Doctors say expectant parents don’t even want to enter a hospital at this time. So, they try to streamline their stay.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Certainly, in these uncertain times, bringing a newborn child into the world can add stress. So, Yale-New Haven Hospital has provided guidance on protecting infants against COVID-19.

Doctors say expectant parents don’t even want to enter a hospital at this time. So, they try to streamline their stay.

"We are doing everything that we can to work with families to make safe discharges from the hospital and to facilitate safe follow up plans for these families," said Dr. Elena Aragona,

Pediatrician for Yale-New Haven Health.

And, once they take their newborn home?

"You keep your baby in the home and you actually don’t have any visitors, physically visit you during this time," said Dr. Katherine Campbell, an 

OB/GYN for Yale-New Haven Health.

And, while mom is tending to the baby, doctors suggest the other parent should be the one who runs any necessary errands.

"You should go out as little as possible and make those visits as short as they can’t, for example, if they need to get groceries or prescriptions," said Aragona.

Of course, there are ways that family and friends can see your newborn.

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"Family should rely on technology right now," Aragona says. "Things like FaceTime or Skype to introduce their new baby to any family members, who are probably really excited and want to see the baby."

"All the same recommendations for COVID risk reduction continue to be recommended," Campbell said. "So, frequent hand washing, continuing the social distancing and avoiding touching your face."

Aragona says parents should also continue to clean their house and any surfaces they way they did prior to the baby's arrival.

And, she says, parents should pay special attention to any symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 in themselves.

"Like fever, shortness of breath and cough and they should, if those develop, try and isolate themselves immediately and contact their doctor," Aragona says.

Yale-New Haven has not received any guidance suggesting the necessity for newborns to wear a mask if parents were to take them outside the home.