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You Ask. We Answer. | Utility shutoffs; Shooting ranges reopening

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HARTFORD, Conn — Question:

John wrote, “Some shooting ranges are open, but High Rock in Naugatuck, which is on state land, is still waiting on the state. When can they reopen?”


FOX61 checked in with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. It said Covid-19 reopening plans for shooting ranges on state land, which provide for the safety of both the public and range staff, were recently approved for implementation. The ranges will be posting the updated operating rules and schedules on their websites sometime in the very near future. The best bet is to check with the individual shooting range.


Luciano wrote, “We have been harassed monthly from a utility company every month since the pandemic started. Threatening phone calls and emails. We were told that a law or an executive order was in place during this crisis that prevents companies from doing so. Can you please tell us if this is correct and if so what is the law?”


The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority or PURA has put a shut-off moratorium in place for all PURA-regulated utilities, which include water, electricity and gas utility companies. Municipalities with utilities not regulated by PURA also have similar measures in place. The PURA moratorium will be in place until further notice. It’s also important to note, that FOX61 has reported on utility scams where scammers will threaten to shut off your utilities unless you provide payment. Don’t fall for that scam. If you have a question, call your utility directly or PURA Consumer Affairs.

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