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You Ask. We Answer. | Storm damages; Homeowner's Insurance

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HARTFORD, Conn — Question:

Ariana wrote, “Who pays for vehicle damage if a tree fell on it at a condo complex?”


FOX61 spoke with AAA Insurance spokesperson Sonia Medina, and the answer is similar to when any tree falls on your property.

“Generally, it doesn’t matter where the tree comes from, the car insurance would pay for the damage. So whoever insures the car would be responsible if the person has comprehensive coverage on their vehicle. If they don’t have comprehensive coverage on their vehicle, they are responsible for the damages out of pocket,” said Medina.


Dennis wrote, “Can a person collect on food spoilage if they have homeowners or apartment insurance?”


FOX61 spoke with AAA Insurance spokesperson Sonia Medina, who said:

“Some people will have that automatically added to their policy, some need to add it as an endorsement. It is best for them to find out with their insurance company or their insurance agent if it’s covered. If it is covered, they still have to remember that it will be a claim and it can count against them and sometimes it’s not worth it after a deductible if it applies. Sometimes it’s not worth putting in a claim for food spoilage because for the most part, it can affect your premium in the future.”

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