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HARTFORD, Conn. — Question:

Lillian wrote, “My spouse and I work for a school bus company and are receiving unemployment due to COVID-19, but our claimant benefit date is approaching, and I know we can get a 13-week extension, but not sure if we’re going to get it, and do we have to reapply or is it automatically going to be extended?”


The CT Department of Labor has been sending out letters to those individuals who may be eligible for extended unemployment benefits. 

If you’re benefit year has expired, you need to first use the blue button at www.filectui.com to file a new claim application.  After successfully completing a new claim application, individuals receive a confirmation email from the agency and a Monetary Determination of Unemployment Compensation Benefits in the mail. If the form indicates a person does not have a weekly benefit rate, they are monetarily ineligible to apply for state unemployment benefits. They will use the green button at www.filectui.com to access the PEUC site and file a claim application. If eligibility criteria are met, claimants will be entitled to collect up to 13 weeks of extended benefits.

For those whose benefit year has not expired, but you’ve collected all your benefits for this year, the DOL says you should use the green button on www.filectui.com to see if you are eligible for an extension of benefits.

For more information, head here, and here.


Frank wrote, “I recently received my monetary determination form for unemployment benefits, however it doesn't state if I was approved or not.  What do I have to do next?”


The Monetary Determination of Unemployment Compensation Benefits form you received in the mail should list your eligible earnings. In the bottom box on the form, you will see a calculation. 

Look for the letters “WBA” to see your weekly benefit amount. 

Next to that should be your total benefit amount and the weeks you are eligible to collect. 

That should show you the money you will be paid for your unemployment claim. 

The Department of Labor Commissioner has said claims are being processed in about one to two weeks, so you should see payment shortly after receiving your monetary determination form in the mail. If you see a problem in the calculation of your wages, you need to notify DOL right away and can file an appeal.  For more information on how things are calculated, you can go here.

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