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You ask. We answer. Is there an extension for CT unemployment?

From unemployment questions, to food sharing, and when the state will reopen, we have answers.

Uncertain times are bringing about a lot of questions on a variety of topics. Here are some answers we were able to get for you.

On unemployment, Ridvan Zhinipotoku asks if there is an extension for people who have no remaining claim balance in their unemployment accounts.

The Department of Labor is building out a system now for a 13-week extension. It should be up and running by Mid May and will be retroactive back to March 29 for those who are eligible. 

“If they’re eligible for the PUA then they will likely be eligible for the extension,” says Dante Bartolommeo, the Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner. “So, if they have been getting benefits, and it ran out, and due to COVID they aren’t able and available to find work, then that’s when it would apply to them for an extension.”

Another viewer, Darlene Wigglesworth, wants to know who is eligible for Foodshare benefits?

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Here’s Jason Jakubowski, President and CEO of Foodshare.

“We are going to be distributing food Monday through Friday 8:30am until noon at Rentschler Field in East Hartford and we are distributing one distribution per car in order to make sure everyone has enough food,” says Jakubowski. 

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Karen Pollack and others are wondering when the state will be back open for celebrations, like weddings. Pollack’s wedding is scheduled for August.  Vicki Ross is an event planner who is dealing with this issue with her clients every day.

“What I’ve been telling my clients is plan as if it’s going to happen. Make sure you’re prepared; plan everything,” says Ross. “But, also, come up with a plan B and C. B meaning, do you still want to get married on that date if you’re not allowed; if May 20th we’re told, no, we’re not allowed anything more than 10 people. Do you want to get married in your backyard with just your family, or do you want to have the party as planned? Then come up with plan C, come up with another venue or another date. My fingers are crossed that we can do August events, but we really won’t know until the Government says.”