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You ask. We Answer. | Public gatherings; Wearing a mask in public; mortgages

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COLCHESTER, Conn. — Question:

Jenna asked, “Have there been updates for wedding limitations and rules?  My son is getting married on 8/29.”


FOX61 asked the Governor at Wednesday’s press briefing to update us on wedding guidelines.

“Summer weddings.  I think we’re up to groups of 100, isn’t that right Josh, for outside only.  That’s where the guidance stands right now and that does include summer weddings,” he said.

FOX61’s Amanda Raus followed up, asking, “Anything for indoors?”

“Indoors is 25,” he said.

So far, we don’t have guidance for Phase 3 of reopening and what that will mean for wedding venues for the rest of the summer.


John wrote, “I work at a large box store and we have a large number of customers coming into our store without masks. When told that they need a mask they simply say, "I have asthma or medical condition.  I don’t have to". I would figure if they have a respiratory condition a large packed store would be the last place they would go. Can they use this as an excuse to not wear masks?"


The Connecticut Business and Industry Association has a whole write up on its website about what is required in stores in Connecticut.  It says, if a customer says he or she has a medical exemption, the customer is not required to wear a mask.  The customer does not need to provide any documentation for the medical exemption.  For more information, click here


Hilary wrote, “We took advantage of putting off paying for our mortgage for three months and now Wells Fargo is saying time is up.  I thought this offer was being extended by banks for another 3 months?  Sounds like they won’t necessarily let us add the amount owed to the end and we have to start paying it back now.  What was the purpose of this program then?”


FOX61 asked Phil DeFronzo, President of Norcom Mortgage, based in Avon, about mortgage forbearance.  He said there are laws under the CARES Act about mortgages and the first thing a homeowner should do is contact his or her mortgage provider directly.

“You need to call your servicer because there’s a difference between missing a payment and going into forbearance.  The CARES Act, like I said, is a federal law, so it’s important for people to realize that if a loan is federally insured, either through FHA, USDA or VA or if the loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, it has to follow the CARE provisions. What that means is you have the ability to do forbearance for up to 180 days and then apply for an additional option for another 180 days.  Presently, forbearance does not apply to either loans that are held privately or bank loans that haven’t been necessarily sold to Fannie or Freddie,” said DeFronzo.

There are a lot of options for homeowners and many lenders are working with homeowners.  DeFronzo also suggests going to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau website for more information on mortgages.

For more information on Norcom Mortgage, visit here

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