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NC eviction moratorium ends, but Federal moratorium still protects renters

The federal moratorium is in effect until July 31, 2021. To be covered, you need the CDC Declaration form.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — July 1, 2021. The state's eviction moratorium is no more, it wasn't extended. So, now what?

“There's no difference. The fact that the state didn't continue the moratorium doesn't mean much because the federal one was continuing,” said Tommy Holderness of Legal Aid of NC.

The federal moratorium through July 31, 2021, covers everyone, in every state. It's intended to be the last extension.  To be covered you need a document, the CDC Eviction Declaration form. It’s more than just a signature.

Complete the CDC Declaration Form and present a copy to your landlord via email, USPS mail, or hand delivery.

The Declaration form requires you to meet 7 different criteria:

*They have tried to get government assistance to help pay for rent

*They will earn less than $99,000 as a single person or $198,000 as a couple

*They are unable to pay full rent due to loss of household income

*They are making their best efforts to pay partial payments

*If evicted they would be homeless                                                     

*They understand they still owe the rent and may face penalties, late fees, and interest

*Once the moratorium is over the amount they owe in back payments is owed in full

“It only applies for cases of non-payment, it doesn’t apply to every kind of eviction case. And it only applies if the tenant fills out this declaration,” said Holderness.


If you have taken the steps listed above and your landlord is still attempting to evict you, please contact Legal Aid of NC at 1-866-219-5262 or visit www.legalaidnc.org for assistance.

Many people applied to the HOPE program to get help paying their housing-related bills. The program pays rent for up to six months, but if a landlord accepts, he or she can't evict for non-payment for the remainder of the lease.