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A UConn doctor channels his medical background and MacGyver skills

Using 3D printer

HARTFORD, Conn. — Dr. Chris WIles, a first year anesthesiology resident at UConn who is currently rotating service at various hospitals across Central Connecticut is working to make life saving medical masks with 3D printers. "I always wanted to have involvement with 3D printing and medical device design," said Wiles, 30, from New London. Wiles has programmed 3D printers running almost around the clock at Hartford Hospital and soon the same thing will happen at Saint Francis Hospital. "This is phase one of getting the knowledge out there," said Wiles.

Numerous prototypes of the masks have been created and Wiles has a "how to" video on Youtube where others can try to make masks in their areas for those who need them. Using injectable plastics and furnace filters Wiles is working to try and make masks similar to the N-95 version which is now in scarce supply. Wiles says he is getting feedback from across the world. "Hopefully if enough people get involved we can actually make a difference," Wiles said. "Save lives now and set a model for the future."

To find out more about Dr. Wiles 3D medical mask project click

YouTube https://youtu.be/ySOCNycv-aA

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