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Plymouth, EnCon police looking for escaped beefalo from Massachusetts

Police said the animal is considered aggressive. If you see the animal you're asked to call the police department. Do not approach.

PLYMOUTH, Connecticut — The Plymouth Police Department, along with DEEP Environmental-Conservation Police (EnCon), are looking for a loose beefalo. 

As of Monday morning, it's been spotted several times and police believe they are closing in on it. 

Police said it was originally identified as a "bull" but through an investigation, they learned it was a beefalo, the cross between a domestic cow and a bison. 

Beefalos can weigh anywhere between 900-1,300 pounds, and police were told the animal could be "highly aggressive."  

Police said the animal is believed to be in the Terryville section of town by Route 72 and Judd Road. On Friday night, Litchfield County Dispatch said they had gotten several reports from people who spotted the animal, but by the time authorities arrived, the beefalo had disappeared into the woods.

Police said this is a public safety concern, and are asking everyone traveling in this area to do so with caution. If you spot this animal, DO NOT approach, contact the Plymouth Police Department 860-589-7779 or call 911.    

Police say the animal came from a farm in Massachusetts and escaped as it was being unloaded at a nearby animal processing facility approximately two weeks ago. 

Plymouth police said the animal had not been seen since its escape, until a few days ago when they received a report of the beefalo in the woods off Judd Rd. 

A second sighting occurred during the midnight shift on August 26th when Plymouth police officers encountered it adjacent to the Route 72 travel lanes. 

As officers attempted to take control of the animal, it put its head down and scratched at the ground, signaling its readiness to charge.  As officers moved away from the animal, it retreated into the woods. 

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