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Connecticut State Parks are open, but urge social distancing

Local parks are mainly open, but some closed down

In an effort to keep people safe and promote social distancing, you’ll now find signs at parks in New Britain that say, "Practice Social Distancing #ThinkBeyondYourself. 

Saturday, people were enjoying a walk or run through Walnut Hill Park, but seemed to be sticking to small groups and keeping their distance. 

Just one town over in Plainville, a stricter approach is being taken. 

There, all of the playgrounds are closed completely, both at parks and schools. The hoops and nets have been taken off of basketball courts to keep people off of them as well. 

Other towns, like South Windsor, Hamden, and Milford have all done the same.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has been working with Governor Ned Lamont to keep people safe at state parks as well.

The governor says they plan to limit the amount of cars that go in, and encourages people to enjoy the outdoors somewhere not as popular.

"I urge you go to other places as well not just state parks go to the land trust trails and others, there are a lot of beautiful outdoor areas you can go to and enjoy as a small, small group," said Lamont.

"Check the deep website and find another park that might be nearby," said DEEP commissioner Katie Dykes.

Connecticut has 139 state parks and forests to choose from. Towns and cities are also encouraging people to safely enjoy parks and walking trails too.