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Court to decide who has temporary control over Dulos estate

Death certificate released showing cause of death pending further study
Police called to Dulos home in Farmington

FARMINGTON, Conn. — On Tuesday, the court is expected to decide who will have temporary control over Fotis Dulos' Farmington estate on Jefferson Crossing. 

At the same time, Dulos' death certificate was released. It lists his cause of death as pending further study. Dulos attempted to take his own life on Jan. 28 and died two days later. 

Credit: FOX61

According to FOX61 reporter Matt Caron who is live tweeting from the courtroom, multiple attorneys connected to Dulos are in attendance for the probate court hearing. 

In a letter signed by Fotis' sister, Rena Dulos,she says the estate "is, or is threatened to soon be, under attack from adverse parties."

Rena goes on to say the estate faces "imminent and potentially irreversible harm," and "only the beginning of the wolves clawing at the door to Mr. Dulos' estate."

Richard Weinstein, attorney for the Farber estate says he never had intent to bar the Dulos family and interfere in grieving, according to Matt Caron.

According to legal documents, officials are still searching for Fotis Dulos will.

However, Matt Caron reports that Weinstein said in court he believes there is no will from Fotis.

Court documents revealed that Fotis' mortgage on the 4 Jefferson Crossing home is $2.3 million. It goes on to say that Fotis did not pay $21,000 in property taxes and has unpaid utility bills.

According to Chris Hug, there doesn't appear to be a tremendous amount of liquid assets. He says he will also be looking in Fotis’ house for firearms and a will.  

Dulos attorney Kevin Smith says his team wants the property administrator to be someone who is not adverse or hostile toward Fotis. His sister asked the court to appoint Christopher LaTronica, one of Fotis' attorneys, as temporary administrator of the property. 

However, presiding judge Evelyn Daly says it’s questionable if Rena Dulos has standing in this court since she is not an immediate heir.

In addition to who has control over the Farmington estate, filings to reclaim personal property are also being addressed.

Fotis' sister, Rena Dulos and Anna Curry have filed claims for personal property to be returned to them from the Jefferson Crossing home. An attorney for Michelle Troconis also said she left items.

Jon Schoenhorn of Troconis asked the judge if he can accompany Troconis to the property at some point to identify her belongings.

This story is developing.