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FOX61 Exclusive: Family talks about home invasion victim in Willington homicide case

“He got firearms, food , clothes, and of course stole his truck ,” says the relative.

WILLINGTON, Conn. — The search for 23-year-old Peter Manfredonia continues. State police believe he may be responsible for two homicides in Connecticut, a kidnapping, and a home invasion.

Manfredonia is accused of killing 62-year-old Ted Demers and then injuring a second man before committing a home invasion in Willington.

Investigators say the home invasion happened early Sunday morning along Turn Pike Road. FOX61 News spoke to a relative of the victim who wanted to remain anonymous. She says the victim is 80 years old and is doing well after the incident.

“I think he got in through a side door and surprised him while he was asleep,” says the relative.

The family also wants to keep the victim’s name anonymous and says they believe the way the 80-year-old man had interacted with the suspect saved his life.

“I think he has a calm demeanor. For someone who is mentally ill he was probably able to maybe calm him down and say I’m going to give you whatever you want and hopefully spare his life,” says the relative.

Family also confirming to FOX61 that multiple items were taken from the home.

“He got firearms, food, clothes, and of course stole his truck,” says the relative.

Police believe Manfredonia took the truck and drove to Derby where a second murder and a kidnapping took place later that day.

Manfredonia is believed to be in Pennsylvania. He was seen near a Walmart on Sunday. 

His family has hired an attorney who pleaded with Manfredonia to turn himself in. 

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